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CyTrack Suite R2017-12-2

We are pleased to announce the release of CyTrack Suite R2017-12-2 which sees an exciting new feature in CyReport, new features to the CyDesk Web client, as well as other performance improvements and bug fixes.

NEW - CyReport Simultaneous Usage report

CyReport now includes a new 'Simultaneous Usage' report showing the maximum, average or minimum number of announcement ports in use, calls in queue, logged in agents or busy agents within any given period. This exciting new feature is a great way to improve resource planning.

  • View historic peaks and troughs to help better forecast busy and quiet periods, therefore improving roster planning.

  • See how many announcement ports are actually being utilised during busy periods for better informed resource management.


  • Additional agent performance reports.
  • Fixed a recent issue that could occur after a Windows update for users of Windows 10.


Please visit the Software Download Area for the latest software version.


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