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Cloud Agnostic

CyTrack Solutions are Cloud Agnostic
On your premises, Hybrid or Cloud supported

Everyone is talking about the Cloud, but what suits you ?


We are Cloud Agnostic and we’re not here to espouse what’s right for you, whether you prefer the benefits of locally installed on your site or remotely in Cloud Services…It’s up to you.

We support a wide range of environments and architectures, whether you want to install locally, have a Cloud Services provider, Virtual Servers in a datacentre, or a hybrid model.

Microsoft endorses CyTrack for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Read more about Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Talk to our sales team and we can plan what’s best for you with your team and specialist advisors or technology partners.

  • Locally on your own site and PC’s and Servers
  • Locally on your own site in Virtual Servers
  • Remotely in Data Centre
  • Remotely in Cloud Services or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers
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