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Call Completion Codes

When a call is active, the user can select ‘Enter Completion Code’ from the drop down menu on the Active Call Window.


The user will then be prompted to select a completion code, which will be stored against that call in CyReport.

When an agent has answered a call from a queue that requires a completion code to be entered, the agent will not receive another call until they do enter a code. If the agent has finished the call, but has not yet entered a code, the status on the real-time display will show as ‘Entering Code’ and how long their status has been like that.


CyDesk can be configured to automatically display the Call Completion Codes window. This is done in the ‘Advanced Options’ of ‘CyDesk Options’, as shown below.


  • Completion for every Incoming Call – Every time an incoming call is answered the Completion Code selection panel will be displayed
  • Completion for every Outgoing Call - Every time an outgoing call is Ringing or Answered the Completion Code selection panel will be displayed
  • Allow Multiple Codes – The Completion Code selection panel will allow multiple codes to be selected by using check boxes
  • Use ‘Tree Format’ – If codes exist which have a ‘–‘ in the name, they will be displayed in a tree format.
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