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My Status Tab

The ‘My Status’ screen shows the name of the logged in CyDesk agent, and their extension number. It also displays their current status. This shows when you are available, on a call, on a break. The large icon also changes to reflect the status.


Agent can update their presence by changing their break status 2.jpg on the My Status panel

The status change will also be shown on any other CyDesk and CyDesk Manager, allowing other people to see your ‘presence’. If you are using CyDesk as part of CyCC or CyCall, putting yourself on a break will stop you from receiving calls. If you are already on a call, you may select a break while on the call; however your status will not change to actually be on that break until you have finished the call.

 When you are finished on your break, select ‘Ready’ which is the top item on the menu.

 If your agent is configured in CyDesk Manager to have an ‘Auto Break’ you can select this by pressing the hotkey configured in CyDesk Manager

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