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Setup My Team

To manage your team members, right click on Team to enter the setup screen. Use the arrows to move some or all agents to the list on the left. The list of agents shown on the left will be your team members. To remove, return them to the list on the right.



Team Features

Any available team member can be called by double clicking on them.



Right click on a team member to access the teams menu. Agent can call different numbers associated with the agent, pick-up the call at the extension or leave a camp-on alert to notify when someone becomes available. Supervisor or Administrator agent will also have the option to Silent Monitor an agent’s conversation.


A supervisor / administrator agent is also able to set another agent’s Break status and Send a Note for simple messaging.





There are various options available when you right click on a CyDesk agent while you are on a call.

‘Hold then call’ is a supervised / consultation transfer, while the ‘Transfer to’ performs a blind transfer.

Transfer to another Queue

The ‘Teams’ window also shows you all the queues in the system that you are configured to see. This only applies if you are using CyCC. The main purpose of this is to allow you to drag an active call and drop it onto a queue, to send the call to that queue.

Click here on how to setup your queues


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