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Call Control with CyDesk

The active call window automatically appears when you are on a call. This is how you can see the information about the call, and control the call.



When an incoming call is received externally or internally, CyDesk will be displayed. It also shows the name and company of the person if CyDesk is integrated to a contact database e.g. MS Outlook or MS Dynamics. When CyCC system is used, agents will also be able to see the name of the queue for that call.


To answer the call, click on the ‘Answer’ button.





Once the call is answered, to end the call click the ‘Hang-up’ button 41.jpg

Hold and Unhold




To hold a call, click the ‘Hold’ button 43.jpg when there is an active call. Press the same button, or the bigger button, 44.jpg or double click on the Held call 45.jpgto pick up the call again.

To dial manually open the Active Call window and click on the Dial button. 46.jpg


Please note that it is possible for this ability to dial a number manually to be configured as disabled by the CyDesk Administrator.






 A call can be supervised transferred to a team member by dragging the call in the ‘Active Call’ screen and dropping it on the team member. Press the Transfer button 50.jpg to complete it. 


Other Call Related Features



Agent can access the list of CyDesk functions and telephony controls by clicking on the drop-down arrow 53.jpg  at the active window.

Pop Contact – When integrated to CRM application, this option is available to manually open the CRM contact screen.



Edit Call Info – Modify the call details name, company and notes information of the call.


Dial pad – Allows user to send additional digits once the call has connected.

Park Call – Puts the call on the PBX park device (if park device is configured on PABX).

Notify Call – Sends additional information to the XML Gateway.



Agent can also access the list of recent calls in relation to the phone number by clicking on the magnifying glass icon 58.jpg in the active call window.



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