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Configuring Microsoft Outlook® Calendar Integration for Presence


CyDesk can be configured to set an agents status to a break according to appointments in their Outlook Calendar. Sets of configuration options can be grouped into profiles, and these profiles are assigned to agents. This ensures that a set of agents all have the same options set and allows flexibility in the options agents can possess.

Currently Outlook is the only calendar application that is integrated.

The Calendar tab within CyDesk Manager contains a list of the Calendar Integration profiles. A new profile can be added by clicking on the ‘Add’ button, and an existing one can be deleted by clicking on the ‘red bin’ icon.


When a profile is added or edited, the profile displays with a list of entries that can cause an appointment in Outlook to trigger a break in CyDesk.


Adding or editing a Calendar Trigger will display the Edit Calendar Trigger Details screen as below.


Text to match in Appointment - This text can be anywhere in the text of the subject of the appointment, and is case insensitive. However the search is full-word. For example:

Lunch Meeting or With Phil meeting Jim & Pam would match.

Meetings all day would not cause a match

  • Break to Activate - This is the break that will be activated for the CyDesk user when the ‘Text to match in Appointment’ text is found in the appointment subject.
  • Priority - The priority is used to assist in the situation where more than one match is found, the match with the highest number in the priority field will be used.
  • Overwrite - If the agent is already on a break when this appointment becomes active, the break will change to the one selected here only if this tick box is ticked.
  • Auto-off - When the appointment finishes, the user will be taken off a break (or returned to the previous break they were on) only if this tick box is ticked.

Any of the profiles created for Calendar Integration can be selected from the ‘Calendar Profile’ drop down list in the Agent configuration screen as shown below.


Both CyDesk and Outlook must be running for this integration to work.

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