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Configuring CRM Integrations - Generic

Cy Desk has a Generic CRM layer that simplifies the configuration and expected behaviour of the integration. Sets of configuration options can be grouped into profiles, and these profiles are assigned to agents. This ensures that a set of agents all have the same options set and allows flexibility in the options agents can possess.

The Generic CRM tab within CyDesk Manager contains a list of the integration profiles to different applications. A new profile can be added by clicking on the ‘Add’ button, and an existing one can be deleted by clicking on the ‘red bin’ icon.



Name – The name of the integration profile.

Static – The integrations already supported by this layer.

  • DynamicsCRM41Integration.Dynamics –Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 local / hosted / online.
  • HeatIntegration.HeatInterface - When CyDesk is integrated with Heat, it provides services such as popping a contact record on an incoming and outgoing call and so forth.
  • SimproIntegration.Simpro – Workforce Management application called Simpro.
  • XplanIntegration.Xplan – Investment Trends Planning application called Xplan.
  • All current built-in integration such as MSCRM, Goldmine, SalesLogix, Maximizer, ACT! will be moved to this layer in future versions.  For now search for existing built in CRM integrations in the forum under each product name

Requires User Login – Enable this checkbox if local authentication is required.

The ‘Configure Integration’ button will open the next configuration screen.

Additional Client Configuration

The ‘Integration’ setting must be changed to Generic Integration and the profile can be selected from the ‘Profile’ drop down list in the Agent configuration screen as shown below.


If ‘Requires User Login’ is ticked, the Generic CRM integration window will be displayed when CyDesk client is launched. Use the credentials section to configure the correct username, password and domain. None of the other the settings are configurable from this screen.


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