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Dashboard Options & Settings

Open the ‘User Settings’ configuration screen.


  • Dashboard Gateway Server Name – the name of the machine that hosts the Dashboard Gateway service
  • Gateway Service1 Port – must always be set to 8711.
  • Gateway Service2 Port – must always be set to 8712.


  • Auto Save on Run Dashboard – automatically saves the configuration before the dashboard enters ‘running’ mode.
  • Run Dashboard on Startup – enable this to start Dashboard when Windows starts.
  • Hide Menus On Run Dashboard – hide the top menu bar when the dashboard is running.

Show Full Screen On Run Dashboard – maximizes to full screen when Dashboard runs.

Configuration File Settings – choose to use a Local configuration XML or a global configuration file.

Add Menu


This gives a list of objects that can be created in the Dashboard. The new object is automatically added into the canvas once selected. Details about each object will be discussed in later section.


Group Menu


Settings – currently only one setting is available in this section.

Delete All Objects – when checked and then OK, it will erase all objects in the Dashboard canvas.

Select Mode – choose the grouping mode.

  •    Group – group all selected objects into a group.
  •    Un-Group – remove the objects from any association to a group.

Available Groups – show a list of groups created.

Canvas Menu


By right clicking on the empty area of the canvas, there are several options that can be selected.

  • Show Menu – restores the top menu once hidden.
  • Full Screen – activates the full screen mode.
  • Always on Top – keeps the Dashboard on the foreground at all times.
  • Paste – creates a copy of an object. The object must first be copied.
  • Save – saves the current Dashboard layout into local configuration file.
  • Run Dashboard – locks the design and activates the Dashboard to start collecting statistics.
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