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Report Subscription

Once a Report Template is saved, CyReport Web allows users to subscribe to the report based on a defined schedule.  Below we will look at an hourly schedule to be emailed to a recipient.

 To Setup a Report Subscription, open a saved report template and click on ‘Subscription’.

Subscription Setting

Specify the folder location for file storage and from address for emails. There is a feature to test the folder access to ensure CyReport Web to create subscription into that folder.

Once the mail settings and subscription settings is entered correctly, the saved  reports can now be subscribed.  Simply open a saved report template and click on ‘Subscriptions’.


New Subscription Folder

Subscriptions can be saved to individual users’ folders for ease of use and identification.  Simply click on the plus (+) sign next to the ‘Save To’ option and create a new folder.


Testing Subscription

Once a subscription is setup, it can be tested by going into the ‘Schedules’ options off the main Web menu.


1. Select the Subscription item you would like to test.


2. Click on ‘Run Test’ to ensure the mail setup is correct.


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