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What is CyReport?


CyTrack has been providing telephony reporting and billing since 1995.  We have one of the most powerful systems on the market as CyReport provides over 130 reports, and many of those reporting formats were compiled and designed around customer specific requirements and suggestions. 

CyReport is unusual when compared to many call centre reporting systems in that it is also a full telephone account and reporting system.  This means that within the one user friendly interface and database, CyReport can also provide extension and trunk level reporting, as well as full reporting on call centre activity. 

The latest version of CyReport Business Intelligence is a centralised information system, which also acts as the search and play interface for voice recordings – meaning that these voice recordings can be played directly from an itemised report, right on your desktop. 


CyReport also features a new powerful configurable Dashboard that can be added as an option to your CyReport.  This ‘wallboard’ also double acts as an alert management tool, where thresholds can be set and alerted by audio, visual, email or even an SMS –meaning, you will always know important business KPIs, whether you are in the office or out on the road.




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