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Configuring CyReport - Configure a Site

Access this screen from the CyReport Manager arrow.jpg Site Configuration, click here on running CyReport Manager.

When either a new site is created or an existing site is selected for editing, the ‘Configure Site Details’ dialog is displayed.  This extensive dialog allows all features of a site to be modified.


Site Name – the name of the site.

Country – the country that the site is situated. It is used to calculate the call charges.

Exchange – the exchange that the site is situated. It is used to calculate the call charges.

Connection Type – how CyReport Server receives call record data.

  1. Server. This indicates that the CyRemote to connect to is located on the same machine as CyReport Server. In this case, the following item, Address, is greyed out.
  2. Network. This indicates that the CyRemote is located on another machine, which can be reached via TCP/IP. In the Address box is a valid network address for this machine.
  3. Dialup. This indicates that the CyRemote is located on another machine, which is reached via a dialup connection. The Address is the number to dial.
  4. CyTrack CTI.  This indicates that the call data source comes from CTI server i.e. CyDesk.  The Address is the network address of the CyDesk Server. Port configuration is not required.
  5. Samsung Logging
  6. iPECS CM Logging – A special mode for connection to the iPECS CM. This requires the network address of the iPECS CM as well as the port that it listens to.

Tax Name – the name of sales tax applicable to the site.

Tax Rate – the rate at which the tax is charged.

Disable Site – When enabled, CyReport Server will never attempt to collect calls from the call data source.

The right hand column of controls starts with five buttons.

  • Configure Trunks – modify the parameters of the trunks for a site.
  • Configure Holidays – manage holidays at the site. This is necessary to get the call charges correct on these days.
  • Configure Decoders – starts the decoder editor, by decoders can be created and modified.
  • Configure Barring – configure the call barring class of service codes to bar and unbar for budgeting and CyReport Hospitality purposes.
  • Configure Timeouts – configure the day, night and weekend download intervals and inactivity timeout timers.

The Decoders list specifies the decoders selected for this site.  Decoders are used to change the output of the PABX to a standard form.  A selected decoder can be removed from this list be clicking the ‘red bin’ icon i1.jpgon the items left.

A decoder selected in the Available Decoder list can be added to the list of decoders selected for this site by either selecting it from the list with the mouse or selecting it in the list with the keyboard and clicking the Add button.


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