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Configuring CyReport - Digit Modification

Access this screen from the CyReport Manager arrow.jpg Site Configuration arrow.jpg Digit Modification, click here on running CyReport Manager.

This configuration is used to add, edit and delete digit modifications associated with a particular trunk group.


A new digit modification is added by clicking the 'Add' button at the bottom of the Name column. A digit modification is deleted by clicking the 'red bin' icon i1.jpg

to the left of a digit modification’s name.

  • Initial Prefix – the sequence of numbers that need to match at the beginning of a dialled number for this digit modification to apply.
  • Remove Number – the number of digits that are removed from the beginning of a dialled number that has been found to begin with the Initial Prefix.
  • Add Prefix – the sequence of digits, which are added to the beginning of a dialled number being modified after Remove Number of digits has been removed.
  • New Carrier – Specifies the new carrier will be, or select Unchanged if change is not required.


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