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Configuring CyReport - Configure Trunks

Access this screen from the CyReport Manager arrow.jpg Site Configuration arrow.jpg Configure Trunks, click here on running CyReport Manager.

The parameters of the trunks at a site, along with the trunk groups, can be edited.  The ‘Trunks’ grid displays a list of all the trunks at this site.  This list is automatically populated as calls are logged. 


If CyReport Server logs a call that uses a trunk not listed for a site, it will add that trunk to the list of trunks for the site, with a carrier of Use Group and a Trunk Group of the first trunk group for that site. Trunks can also be added manually for a site.  To add a trunk, click the 'Add' button at the base of the list.


A range of trunks can also be added by clicking 'Add Range' button instead.

Added trunks can be deleted by clicking the ‘red bin’ icon i1.jpg  on the left of the trunk’s name. Any modifications to each trunk can still be made by clicking on the cell to be edited.

A set of preconfigured trunks can be imported from a CSV (comma-separated value) file by clicking the 'Import' button.  A standard file explorer will be shown to select the CSV file. The CSV file must be formatted as in three columns: Trunk Number, Carrier Name, Trunk Group Name.

A trunk group can be added to the list by clicking the 'Add' button. A trunk group can be deleted by clicking the 'red bin' icon i1.jpg on the left of the trunk group’s name.  At least one trunk group must always be present and so the first trunk group cannot be deleted.

The Charge Out box must always be checked unless outgoing calls using trunks on this trunk group should be charged to zero. Calculation using Meter Pulses can also be enabled on the trunk group.


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