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Configuring CyReport - Call Logging Tab

Access this screen from the CyReport Manager, click here on running CyReport Manager.

The ‘Call Logging’ tab provides a view of the CyReport Server. This is very useful when CyReport Server is running as a service. The ‘Poll Now’ button can also be used from this view, and the CyReport Server options can also be modified from here.


  • Path – When CyReport Server downloads files, it places these in a temporary data storage folder.  This defaults on install to ‘C:\Program Files\CyTrack\CyReport\tmp’, however, it can be changed with this option.

  • Tracing – Controls the ability to write a log of the CyReport Server actions, mainly used for troubleshooting. The log files are stored in ‘C:\Users\ProgramData’ (Windows 7 or 2008 Server) or ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data’ (Windows XP or 2003 Server).
  • Enable Action Logging – check this box to enable the feature.
  • Hide Undecoded smdr in log file – omits any decoder failure from the action log.
  • Novalog Sharing – If a legacy Novalog system is already in operation, this assist the transition to CyReport.
  • Display Options – Check the ‘Display Modified Dialled Numbers’ for the Dialled Number column on the CyReport Server logged calls pane to display the modified dialled number, which is the dialled number after the application of digit modification and prefixed area codes.

  • Email  – When CyReport Server starts an alarm, it can be configured to send a message to one email address.


  • Email Enabled – enable the sending of email notification. 
  • Target Address – the destination email address.
  • From Address – the sender email address.
  • Server Address – the SMTP email server address.
  • Server Port – the SMTP port number. By default it must be configured to 25.
  • User Name – the SMTP username, if required.
  • User Password – the SMTP password, if required.
  • Test – sends a test email notification using the configured settings.
  • SMS – When CyReport Server starts an alarm, it can be configured to send a message to one or more mobile phones via CySMS if this is installed.
    • SMS Enabled – enable the sending of SMS notification.
    • Target Numbers – list of devices to receive the SMS notification. The Add / Edit / Delete buttons perform applicable function into this list.
    • Message Template – configure the SMS message that will be sent. The special symbol %s will be replaced with the text of the CyReport Server alarm message.
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