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Configuring CyReport - CyReport Directory Manager

CyReport Directory allows the administrator to assign items such as an extension number, account code, and/or authorization code to a user and logically group these users. Additional information such as e-mail address and mobile phone number can be added to the properties of a directory object. Run CyReport Directory from the CyReport Application Launcher.


The default ‘Tree’ name is Directory.  To change this name, simply double click on it and enter a new name.

Typically only one tree is required for each CyReport installation, but more ‘trees’ can be added by clicking on the 4.jpg button. Trees can be deleted by using the other button 5.jpg

The main window area contains a Windows Explorer folder view style of interface. There are five different types of objects that can be manipulated in the directory tree.  These objects are:

  • Group 6.jpg
  • Person7.jpg
  • Extension8.jpg
  • Account Code9.jpg
  • Authorization Code10.jpg

A ‘Group’ object can contain either ‘Group’ or ‘Person’ objects.  Typically, separate groups would be formed for different departments or offices in a company.

A ‘Person’ object can only contain ‘Extension’, ‘Account Code’ and ‘Authorization Code’ objects.

An ‘Extension’ can either be active or inactive. The CyReport license the number of extensions that can be made active in CyReport.  Only calls related to ‘active’ extensions / account codes will be logged.  An inactive extension is indicated by the icon being grey 11.jpg rather than red 8.jpg.  Right click on an extension and click ‘Edit’ to change its ‘Active’ status.

An ‘Extension’, ‘Account Code’, and ‘Authorization Code’ can be set to not charged which means CyReport Server will assign zero cost against call made with one of those objects.  A charged object will have the blue dollar sign by the icon 8.jpg.  Right click on an object and click ‘Edit’ to change its ‘Charged’ status.



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