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Configuring CyReport - Updating, Deleting & Moving Directory Objects

As the company structure changes, it will be necessary to update the directory tree.  It is important to keep the CyReport Directory up to date, as the information it contains can be used by other applications.

The details of directory object can be updated by selecting the object and clicking on the button.

To delete a directory object, select the object then click on the  button.  A confirmation box will appear to verify that the object should be deleted.  Note that any objects that belong to the selected object will also be deleted.

Extensions are not deleted but inactivated and moved to the ‘Unallocated’ person.

A directory object can be simply 'dragged-and-dropped' from one location to another.  Sometimes, the location that the object needs to be moved to is not visible in the CyReport Directory window.  To move such objects, first select the object and then click on it with the right mouse button and select 'Cut'. Then select the destination object and again click on it with the right mouse button and select 'Paste' from the menu


Finally, it is important to note that any changes made to the directory will not be saved until the 2.jpg button is clicked.


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