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Configuring CyReport - System Security

Access this screen from the CyReport Manager, click here on running CyReport Manager.

The System Security tab contains a list of all users of the CyReport System.   The name of the user is shown under in the User column.  The other columns describe the user’s level of access to various system features which can be changed by right-clicking on the cell and choose the available options.


  • Directory ‘Modify’ gives user permission to make changes in CyReport Directory. ‘View’ restricts access to view only.
  • Show Dialled Numbers – When set to ‘True’, the user is able to see the full caller number / dialled number in the reports. When set to ‘False’, the last 2 digits will be masked with XX.
  • Show Private Numbers – When set to ‘True’, the report generated by this user will not show any of the ‘Private Numbers’
  • Show Editing of Budget – When set to ‘True’, the user can access the Budgeting area in CyReport Web.

To add a user to the system, click the 'Add User' button at the bottom of the screen.  The Add User dialog box will be displayed.


To delete a user click the red trash can icon 3.jpg  to the left of the user’s name.  The Administrator is a special user and so cannot be deleted.


The 'Change Password' allows password to be modified, including the password for Administrator.

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