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Configuring CyReport - Running CyReport as a Service

CyReport Server must be running at all times. When the application is started from the Start Menu, the main interface is available on the desktop as shown in earlier sections. When minimized, a system tray icon will be displayed. 

CyReport Server can also run as a service. When it is running as a service, the main interface is not available on the desktop and no system tray icon will be displayed. This also means that the above CyReport Server settings will not be able to be configured while it is running as a service.

The CyReport Configuration Wizard gives the option to run CyReport Server as a service, and if checked, would have installed the service automatically. To install the service manually, run following command from the CyReport installation folder as illustrated with the command prompt below:

ReportSvc /service


The service can be managed from the Windows management console for Services, or using CyService Manager assuming CyDesk is installed.


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