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CyTrack Security Manager


The main purpose of the Security manager application is to allow the Administrator/users of the system to edit and view permissions/restrictions regarding the CyReport products and the reports generated from this tool.

The following screenshots show a grid displaying basically for each user the permissions/restrictions regarding CyReport.


The Directory permission indicates if the user can edit the directory in CyReport.

The Recordings permission indicates if the user has access to call records.

The Restricted extensions gives a list of the extensions that the user can see in the generated reports.

CyTrack Security Manager Functionalities:

This sections enumerates the functions of the security manager based on the user’s role.

1)    Administrator :

The Administrator is in charge of the following tasks:

a.     Add User

The Administrator can add new user with a given number of permissions. Creating a new user could done based on an already existing user’ profile.


b. Edit User

The Administrator can edit user profile by clicking on user link and is able to either change his/her name or password.


c. Delete User

The Administrator is allowed to delete all/selected the other users (except himself). This could be done ticking the checkbox of each user and click on delete button. It will open a confirmation popup with selected users list and it will delete selected users if the Administrator confirm this action.


d. View/Edit User Permissions

The Administrator can view and edit user’s permissions. These permissions are similar to permissions in Report Manager.


e. View/Edit User Restrictions

The Administrator can view and edit user’s restrictions applied for groups and extensions


2. Non-Administrator users (any other user created by the Administrator)


a.     View User Permissions

User can view permissions of any other user.


b View User Restrictions

User can view restrictions of any other users.


Logout User:

To logout, user can click on downward arrow next to user name and profile picture, it will show contextual menu with logout option. User will logout when click on this option.


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