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Customer Chat Pages

Request for Chat Window

The Customer Page is where the chat request is created. Internally it can be accessed by adding the Custome Page at the end of the CyChat URL.

For example: http://red:8080/CyChat/CustomerPage

The end-user’s Web Admin will have to configure a number of settings in their IIS, website and network to make this page accessible from the internet.

To request a chat, the customer must enter complete details on all fields. They also have to select the “Chat Source” they wish to speak to.


The Customer will be informed when there is no agent available to handle their request or when they have to wait for an agent to become available. Chat requests can be cancelled by the customer at anytime by closing the browser or hitting the 'Cancel Request' button when available.


The Customer Chat Conversation Window

The Chat Conversation window is opened when an agent has accepted the chat request. Note that the customer will receive the default / custom greeting message for the agent.


  • Type the chat messages in the box provided and click 'Enter' or the 'Send' button.
  • The 'Clear' button helps customer to clear the message box should they need to re-type the chat message.
  • The 'Print Chat' button allows customer to send the chat log to printer.
  • Press the 'End Conversation' button to close the chat request.

The Customer will also be notified when agent has left the conversation

!--Jack has left the conversation

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