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What is CySMS?



Whether it’s reaching your customers wherever they are to deliver the information they need in an instant, or simply adding a personal touch to your customer service through messaging, SMS is still the best way to go.

CySMS - An application that can easily be added to your CyTrack suite of applications. Having CySMS activated in your CyDesk equips your users/ agents with a powerful way to reach and connect with your customers anytime and anywhere they are.

All our modules include SMS functionalities, whether for customer service such as SMS Call-Me, Tele-Marketing SMS bulk-out, SMS system alerts for administrators, or SMS to and from your desk to clients, partners and team members. It’s quick, easy and manageable.

Other Powerful Features & Benefits

  • Adding SMS functionality to your CyTrack modules is quick and easy
  • SMS Message editor
  • Standard Message Templates management
  • Bulk SMS from CyCall™ & option to link replies to call backs via our CyCC™ Multi-Channel Inbound Call Centre
  • Inbound SMS Queue Management & Routing with CyCC™
  • SMS alerts via CyCC™ and CyReport™
  • Server based SMS solution
  • Requires you to select your own SMS provider


For more info on CySMS, click here or Contact Us today.


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