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Scripting Example - Step 2 Special Settings

Staying with the <Say 1> Step, open the configuration screen and  go to the Say Settings tab and you will find a number of text boxes, any text box that is coloured yellow has some special functionality. As an example of this, type ${ (dollar sign + open curly bracket) and a drop down box will appear.


The values in this drop down box will dynamically grow with the results of Steps that are used within the Step Stream that you are developing. These values can be used in any text box that is coloured yellow with the following syntax: ${VariableFromDropDownBox}


The Say Step has two yellow text boxes with the second box type in some text which will be spoken when an incoming call is first answered (as this is the first step) an example might be:

 “You have called The ABC Sales Company. For sales press one. For accounts press two. To lodge a payment press three.”

With the Say Step you could record a sound file which could be used in place of the typed text, to reference a sound file enter an address to the file or use the ellipsis button to browse your directory system for the file.

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