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Configuring CySocial for Facebook

Please refer to Configuring CyCC for Social Media before reading this section

Configuring CySocial for Facebook

The SMTP tab in CyDesk Manager must be configured with one SMTP profile. Please consult Configuring SMTP for more information on the configuration in this tab.


Configure Agent

Each agent that handles email must be configured with their email address. Please consult Configuring CyDesk for more information on the configuration in this tab.


Assign the agents on the Agents tab.

Select the SMTP profile on the Email tab and set other options accordingly.

If ‘Enter Completion Code for Each Email’ is enabled, you also need to add the Completions.


Configure Facebook Email Server Integration Profile

Go to the Email tab in CyDesk Manager and configure all email accounts that will be distributed with CyCC. One email integration profile is able to handle multiple connections to different email servers, with different connection methods, and accessing different accounts. Please consult Configuring Email Server Integration Profiles for more information on the configuration in this



Configure CyDesk Email Service

The email service is included when CyDesk is installed however it is not enabled by default.

Go to the Services tab of CyDesk Manager and enable the Configuration mode to install the CyDesk Email Service service. Do not start the service.




Right click on the Profile of CyDesk Email Service the click on Settings for CyDesk Email Service. Select the email server profile that has been created then click OK.



Right click on the CyDesk Email Service then select Start CyDesk Email Service.


Facebook - In Action

  1. The customer will make a post on your wall.


  2. This post is then processed by CyCC. The Facebook post is now waiting in queue to be presented to an agent.


  3. When an agent it available CyCC will present the agent with the Facebook post. The Agent will be placed in busy email break and be required to enter a completion code.


  4. The Facebook notification is sent to the agents Inbox to be actioned.


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