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Configuring CySocial – Twitter Call Back

Please refer to Configuring CyCC for Social Media before reading this section

Configuring CySocial – Twitter Call Back

  1. Create a new Queue with the Queue Type CyCall Team.  You will also need to add agents to this queue.


  2. Create and configure a Callback Campaign for the Twitter Callback.

  3. Create & configure a Web URL Assignment.



Installation and Configuration of the Twitter Callback Service

Run the CyTwitterCallbackSetup.exe available in the installer package. Use all defaults during installation. After installation, Twitter Configuration should be

available from the Start Menu and the CyTwitter Callback service should be available in the Services list.

  1. On the start menu, run the Twitter Configuration and the CyTrack Twitter application should pop-up.


  2. If using CRM Integration fill-up the first 3 fields with the corresponding CRM information. If no CRM integration is used then proceed to the next step.

  3. Click Get PIN and login using yourTwitter account details. Copy the PIN that was provided to you after logging in, to the Pin input box of the CyTrack
    Twitter Application then click Login with PIN. Twitter Access Token should be populated with a Twitter Token.

  4. Start the CyTwitter Callback Service.

Twitter Callback Example

  1. Login to a Twitter account then send a tweet to the Twitter Account linked to CyCC.


  2. Twitter tweets will be processed by CyCC as a Queue Callback.


  3. Agent is presented the tweet from Twitter.

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