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CySocialTM Social Media Contact centre Integration Detailed Functionality & Features List


With CySocial Facebook integration, we can take the Twitter call back concept one step further and actually monitor, queue and manage all Facebook wall posts posted on your company Facebook page. Not only that, but your contact centre agents can communicate with your Facebook friends and clients in real-time, via their email client, with a simple reply. No access has to be granted for your agents to the Facebook website. As your CySocial Facebook integration is now part of your CyCC system, it’s actually a physical queue within CyCC, meaning you can manage and distribute these posts, with the same power as a voice call or email. It’s that easy.

Let’s put this idea into a contact centre scenario:
Have an authorized administrator use your business Facebook account and post on your wall to your friends to promote, advertise or just let everyone know what’s happening within your business. It maybe a general post or one that’s directed at a particular audience, product or something completely external to any of these. Like Twitter, there are just about no rules, so you have harness and manage that power!


Now all your friends can see your latest wall post, it’s as easy as them replying to your wall post and your contact centre agents start receiving this communication straight through to their email clients for instant communication back out to Facebook.


The next available contact centre agent, who is part of your CySocial Facebook queue, will now receive your client or potential client’s wall post, straight through to their email client, as seen below. This is now ready for immediate response.


The agent receives a small pop up screen, same as a queued email, showing them the topic of the email, who it’s from and the queue ‘Completion Codes’. A copy of this Facebook wall post is sent to the agent’s ‘Inbox’, where they can reply to the wall post, just like an email.


The email is then sent and the reply is automatically posted back up onto your Facebook wall as a reply, all under your business Facebook username, just as if an agent replied within Facebook itself!


This communication can continue backwards and forwards as long as required, all with the agent knowing exactly who they’re talking to at anytime and also receiving a history of the communication in the email, meaning that multiple agents can handle the one communication stream.


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