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Configuring CyConsole

CyConsole is designed specifically for front-desk operators and serviced office environment, where calls are centrally answered by the front-desk. The agent, however, must be able to identify the intended company or department and greet the callers properly. CyConsole integrates with CyReport Directory.


  • Indial Number – To be matched against the called ID or DNIS value of the call. When it is a match, CyConsole will show the assigned group information while ringing. A new indial can be added by clicking on the ‘Add’ button in the Indial list, and an existing one can be deleted by clicking on the ‘red bin’ icon.
  • Group Assignment – The CyReport Directory Group assigned to the ‘Indial Number’.
  • User Fields Visible - The CyReport Directory Person fields that will be made visible in CyConsole. Only highlighted fields are made visible.
  • Email – The CyReport Directory Person field that contain the email address of the person.
  • SMS – The CyReport Directory Person field that contain the target number for SMS notifications.
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