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CySurvey: Making it work for you and your business


What does it mean to your business if you employ CySurvey?

  1. Real-time and raw information on the level of customer satisfaction, more significantly, dissatisfaction on every call/ interaction at your fingertips.
  2. A drill-down of an issue and giving your business a way of managing it before it escalates.
  3. A means to motivate and drive front-liners/ agents to deliver top notch service on every call and customer interaction, through different performance management campaigns – such as Coaching. (See how CyCoach can elevate your business.  Click HERE.)

Bottomline is… it’s all about connecting with your customers!  

About this Article

This user guide will briefly show you how CySurvey initially works, and paint you a picture on how it can work for you and your business.

  1. Introduction:  Process Flow on How it Works (Default Configuration)
  2. Creating A Survey Queue
  3. Routing and Setting up Announcements
  4. Running a Report
  5. Types of Report 



Our CySurvey tool is developed as a powerful but simple survey tool that enables you to ask your customer questions that request a score ranging from 0 – 10.  Whereby 10 being the highest.

You may then set rules to handle or escalate those callers that leave responses that may require further and/ or immediate attention.





Within the queue, there is a tab called Routing that allows you to send the call to another queue depending on the rating given by the customer.


  • As an example, if the customer enters a low score, you might want to route them to a manager/ supervisor, or to a voicemail to ask them to leave further information about their dissatisfaction/ low rating.
  • In the example given, the customer is routed to a new queue called ‘Demo – Survey Complete,’ which simply plays a ‘thank you’ message and hangs up the call.

2 ways of routing a call to a specific Queue:

1.  From another queue - Routing a call from another queue can be done in the Announcements tab.


2.  From the client – When the client is on a call, the agent can search for the survey queue and send the call there.


The reports can be accessed in CyReport.

  1. In CyReport, go to the Call Center side tab
  2. Under the Call Center side-tab and click-on Survey.


CySurvey has 5 basic reporting formats but this guide will not be presenting ‘NPS Group By Queue:’

A.  NPS Report

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) generates the total % of Detractors and Promoters, as well as the Neutral or Passives.

B.  NPS Group by Agent

Generates the % of Detractors and Promoters, as well as the Neutral or Passives per Agent Level.

C.  Itemised Survey Report

Generates the survey report of each call and the customer’s response/ rating per question.

D.  Survey Summary Report

Generates a report for each survey question and shows the number of counts of possible scores given.

i.e. shows how many times an agent got a “9” on a certain question.





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