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Project Management Simplified: CyTrack is using Asana to manage product deployments and new client installs


To promote consistency and efficiency of its multiple on-site and off-site product deployment and installations, CyTrack is using Asana to manage various projects.   



Most often than not, when we work in groups - much more belonging to different organisations, we find ourselves working with information and files that are located in stacks and stacks of emails, shared drives, and email attachments from internal as well as external members of the project.  

With all these updates coming from all points, we then ask ourselves these questions:

1.  "How do we manage logistics?"

2.  "How could we stay on the same page all the time?"

3.  "How could we stay coordinated and march through a goal together?"


Asana is an online application for project management.  

It is an efficient way to organise tasks when you are working with teams and in this case, different groups in different organisations. With this easy to use platform, we can all stay on the same page at the right time, and stay coordinated all the time.  Reference materials and files are kept and neatly organised in one place. Everyone would know the status of each tasks assigned to people involved - from pre-installation, the installation itself, up to go-live.  


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