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Do Not Call



The Do Not Call feature allows Administrators to Add/ Remove/ View numbers of customers on a register who do not want to be called on the CyDesk Manager.  The register is intended to regulate and minimize the number of unsolicited calls from within your country or anywhere overseas.  


How it works

Every time an outbound call is made, the dialer verifies dialed number on the system.  Once the number is manually added to the Do Not Call list, the dialer automatically blocks the number, barring the system from dialing it again.  It also provides the option of deleting the number from the list.


Functions and Features

  • Search – It allows you to search for the number and confirm if the number is already on the list or not.
  • Delete – You can delete and remove the number from the list
  • Add – You can add the new number to the list
  • Add From Calls – It allows you to add numbers from your database to the Do Not Call List. 


What's in this article

  1. How to launch the Do Not Call List window
  2. How to add numbers
  3. Adding numbers from calls
  4. How to delete numbers from the list


I.  How to launch the Do Not Call List window

Step 1:  Login to CyDesk Manager as an Administrator and go to Options > Configure

 This will open Configuration window.

Step 2:  Go to Configuration > System on left side pane.  Then, click on Do Not Call list.

It will open Do Not Call list window.  Here, you can Search, Delete, and Add numbers accordingly.


II.  How to add numbers

Step 1:  On the Do Not Call window, click on Add button to open the Editor window.

Step 2:  On the editor window, manually input the number on the field and add notes on the Reason field accordingly.

Note:  The user can also “unbar” the number temporarily by ticking the Unbar  box (highlighted in green).


III.  How to add numbers from calls

Step 1:  On the Do Not Call List window, click on Add From Calls button.  

It will open Add Numbers From Calls window.

Step 2:  Search the number from all Campaigns or any specific item according to your requirement.   

Step 3: Select the Completion Code from the drop down as per your requirement and click on the Find button.  It will give you the search result in the pane.  

Step 4: Select all the Numbers by ticking the Select All option at the bottom or you can select a specific number as per your requirement.

Step 5:  Click on Add button to make them available in your list and close the window.


IV.  How to delete a number from the list

1:  On the Do Not Call list window, simply highlight the row of the number.

Step 2:  Click Delete, located on the buttons on top of the columns.


End of Article.


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