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How to subscribe to CyTrack forums for your software care updates

This article will guide you how to subscribe to our forums to get updates.

Following or subscribing to forums on your CyTrack support site is so easy.  But first, let's get to know the different parts of the site.

1. Main Categories - the CyTrack support site (or forum) has 4 main categories, namely:


2.  Sections - each main category has several sections.  Clicking on a category will take you to the different sections under it.


3.  Articles - under each section are several articles.  


Subscribing/ Following

The subscription feature of the support site is available on the Section and Article level, and on the Community Forum as well.  

Section Level

1.  To subscribe on a section, simply click on the section you want to subscribe to.   On that section, click 'Follow' and select 1 of the 2 options.  

2.  A notification will be sent to your email if there are any updates to that section.

Article Level

1.  Just click on an article and click the 'Follow' button on the top right hand corner.  To Unsubscribe, click on 'Unfollow.'

2.  A notification will be sent to your email if there are any updates to that article.

 Community Forum

1.  To get there, click on the Community 'browse' located at the Home page of the support site.


2.  On the Community page, click on the link to open the Community forum and 'Follow.'  

You may click the image below if you wish to go to the Community page and subscribe now.


End of article. 


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