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CyCoach login

What's in this article:

1.  Steps on how to login to CyCoach

2.  Description of the login page components


Launching CyCoach

CyCoach is a web application therefore, you may need to enter the URL on your browser manually, if a shortcut has not been created.


Steps on how to login to CyCoach

  • When the CyCoach URL is entered, the welcome page will be displayed.

  • To login, click either Assessments or My Personal Web Page. This will open up the Login page.

  • The agents dropdown list contains all the active agents in the CyDesk system.
  • Select the desired agent, enter the password and click "Log in" button.



The initial page after login varies

  • If the user/agent has logged-in as an Administrator, the main Assessments page will be displayed.

  • If the user/ agent has logged-in as a Non-Administrator or a regular user, My Web Page will be the main page.

  • If the selected agent has administrator/supervisor rights in the CyDesk System, then an Administration Tab will be available otherwise not. With the administration tab, the user can configure the system to be used.

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