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CyDesk Outbound Campaign

This article will guide you on how to use the Active Call window on an Outbound Campaign.

There are 3 Outbound dialling modes for CyTrack, follows:

Preview Mode

Progressive Mode

Pre-Emptive Mode

Below is a sample of a Preview Mode Campaign in which the Agent controls the pace of making outbound calls as opposed to the other 2 where the dialler automatically dials the number to make outbound calls.  For more information on outbound diallers, click here.

 1. When an outbound call is presented to an agent, an Outbound Campaign screen pop will appear. To make the call simply press the Dial button.

2. Once the call is completed, you can click on the completion code from the list and press Select, then press the hang-up button finish the call.


To download the full version of the CyDesk Agent Quick Start Guide, please click here.


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