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CyDesk Agent Quick Start Guide

Are you new to CyDesk?

Attached is the downloadable Agent Quick Start Guide to CyDesk.  The document will guide you on the basics on how to use this intuitive application, enough to get you started.

Alternatively, you may also click the links below to jump to the different articles within the Help Centre. Guidance on the CyDesk Agent Screen menu and How to Login and out of CyDesk is featured below for your convenience.

What's on the attached guide?

1.  A look into the different features/ windows of CyDesk

2.  Logging-in and out of CyDesk

3.  Creating and collaborating with Team members

4.  Changing your Status

5.  Outbound Campaign Call

6.  Active Call features - Answering, Hanging up, and properly placing a call on Hold

7.  Transferring Calls

8.  Call Related Features - Active Caller menu, Recent Calls, and the Dial pad

9.  History

10. Search

11. Personal Speed Dials


1.  Double click on your CyDesk icon on your desktop or go to Start All Programs CyTrack CyDesk.

2.  Connect to the CyDesk Server:

a. Choose your Name from the drop down menu.
b. Choose the Extension you will be logging into (this will be displayed on the phone on your desk).
c. If you would like to login on a Break, select the break type from the drop down menu. Otherwise, login as Ready.
d. Enter your Password, if required by your system, and click OK.

Note: When successful, an icon will appear on the desktop's system tray (bottom-right hand corner of the screen; by the digital clock). This also indicates that the agent is logged-in to CyDesk or CyDesk is active.      


Furthermore, if the system's password is enabled, new agents are automatically assigned with ‘password’ as their default password. This requires to be changed into something else on the agent’s first login.

1.  Right-click on the top-left hand corner (by the logo) of the CyDesk application and click Exit CyDesk.

2.  Click Yes on the pop-up screen.



 To download a copy, click the link below.

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