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CyDesk Teams Window/ Menu

This article will guide you on how to create teams within CyDesk and show you other features of the Teams window of CyDesk.

To view your team, click on the “Show My Team” button. This will open the Teams window where it will display the list of your team members and their status.

1. Right click the word Team and choose Setup my Team.

  • You can then choose the members of your team by clicking on the names on the right hand side and using the  to add them to your team you can click on users on the left hand side and use the to remove members from your team
  • Alternatively, you can double-click the name on the left-hand side to add the selected user to you team.
  • To remove a name from your team, simply do the opposite - left to right.

2. Once you have chosen your team click OK to close the window.

*Setting up your Queues in CyDesk is the same.  To start, simply Right-click the 'Queues' branch title and right-click and follow the same procedure as above in adding and removing queues.  

Right click on a team member to see its options menu. The agent user can call different numbers associated with the agent selected, pick-up the call at the extension or leave a camp-on alert to notify when someone becomes available.


To download the full version of the CyDesk Agent Quick Start Guide, please click here.


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