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Changing your Status in CyDesk

This article will guide you on how to change your status in CyDesk.  The Status feature of CyDesk will notify team members on the current activity you are engaged in.  More importantly, it will also dictate your position within the group - whether you will be able to receive calls or not. 

1. Click on the My Status icon  and the My Status window will appear.

2. Click on the CyDesk icon next to your name in CyDesk (main image above). This will provide a drop down menu of breaks you can choose from.

Note:  Please be aware that most breaks will log you out of the queue and you will not receive calls.

3. To change your status back to ready to receive calls, simply click on the Status icon once again and choose Ready.


To download the full version of the CyDesk Agent Quick Start Guide, please click here


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    Fast Connect

    Hi there, I have followed these steps however the status is showing 'Meeting Break Pending' is there a step I have missed to push the status through?