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CyDesk Active Call Features - Answering, Hanging up, properly placing a call on Hold

This article show the active call features of CyDesk, such as:

  • Answering a call
  • Hanging up a call
  • Properly placing a call on Hold
  • For the easy and proper procedure on transferring calls, click here.

The Active Call screen has many different functions.  It will automatically pop the caller's information on your screen when a call is made or received.  You can also manually open the Active Call Screen by clicking on the Active Call icon. 

Answering a call

When a call comes in to your phone, that call will be displayed on the Active Call screen. 

To answer, simply pick up the handset or if you are using a Headset, you can press the answer button on your headset.  

Alternatively, click the Answer button on your CyDesk Agent screen.

Hanging up a call

To hang-up or end a call, do it accordingly on the phone, or simply click on the Hang-up button on the Active Call screen.  This will end the call and at the same time, the information on the Active Call screen will disappear, thus, placing your status in Wrap-up then to Ready.

Placing a call on Hold/Un-Hold 

Note:  This procedure must be done only in CyDesk.  Otherwise, it may cause problems in terms of handling the call i.e. transfer issues, call may get disconnected, and inconsistency on call accounting and reporting.

To place a call on Hold, simply click on the Hold button on the Active Call screen.  To Un-Hold, press the alternate button that would appear.


To download the full version of the CyDesk Agent Quick Start Guide, please click here


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