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CyDesk call related features - Active Caller menu, Recent Calls, and the Dial pad

This article will guide on other call related features of CyDesk, as follows:

  • Active Caller menu
  • Recent Calls
  • The Dial pad


Clicking on the drop-down menu by the caller information inside the Active Call window will display a menu on call related features.

Pop Contact: If enabled, this will pop the contact information in CRM.

Edit Call Info: Use this feature to change the call details in the Active Call Screen or to add a call note

Dialpad: Allows user to send additional digits once the call has connected.

Hangup Call: Hangup the current call in the Active Call Screen

Hold Call: Place current call in the Active Call Screen on Hold

Park Call: Place current call in the Active Call Screen on Park

Start Recording: To Start Voice Recording, if enabled.

Stop Recording: To Stop Voice Recording, if enabled.

Notify Call: Not Relevant

Enter Account Code: Account Code for reporting later (Not Relevant) 

Enter Completion Code: Enter a Completion Code against this call for reporting 


An agent can also access the list of recent calls in relation to the phone number by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the active call window.


To dial manually, open the Active Call window and click on the Dial pad icon and use your keyboard to enter the numbers and then, press Enter to place the call.


To download the full version of the CyDesk Agent Quick Start Guide, please click here.


End of article.

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