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CyDesk Search function

The 'Search' screen allows you to find other CyDesk users who may or may not be in your team. It lets you view their status, interact with them, and add them to your team.

1.  To open the Search window, click on the 'search' icon.

2.  By clicking on the drop down menu, you may choose to look for agents, queues, system speed dials or personal speed dials, or extensions, or use Global Find to search all categories at once.  Click on the item you wish to search for.

3.  Enter the name of the contact you wish to search and click the magnifying glass icon.  

4.  On certain items, you can double click to call and view their status/ presence i.e. busy on/ off lamp.


To download the full version of the CyDesk Agent Quick Start Guide, please click here.


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