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Setting up the Voicemail Queue

After adding/ creating a voicemail queue, you will now be able to set-up the voicemail queue.

The default settings of a Voicemail queue does not record any message so it has to be set-up prior to the use of this feature in the system.

Once you have double-clicked the voicemail queue created (under Queue), it will take you to the Configure Queue window.  Go to the 'Messages' tab and tick 'Enable Voice Message Recording' to enable the feature.

To set up the voice mail queue, see requirements and its corresponding definitions below:

  • Enable Voice Message Recording activates the recording of voice messages. 
  • Store Messages in Custom Location allows the voice messages to store in desired location otherwise the default location is the folder of the belonging queue (e.g. C:\Announce). It is important to make sure that proper security settings are applied on the custom location.
  • New Sub-Folder for each day’s messages will create a sub folder for each day.
  • Play Tone option plays a short tone to indicate the start of recording.
  • Maximum Message Length restricts the recording to the maximum number of minutes.
  • Minimum Message Length sets the minimum required length of recording in seconds.
  • Send Recorded Message by Email will attach and send the recorded message in email.
  • Email SMTP Sender Profile allows to select the appropriate SMTP profile.
  • SMS Notification to an Agent sends a notification to an Agent regarding new voice message.
  • Second Copy of Message in Different Folder allows to make a copy in another folder
  • CRM Integration Profile allows to select the appropriate CRM profile for this queue. This will update the CRM about the new message.
  • Embed Recording will embed the voice recording in the CRM along with the message for that specific contact details. Contact details have to be stored in CRM to be able to store the message and attach the voice recording.

Note: Make sure that the greeting is placed in the root folder of the voicemail queue.


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