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CyTrack Suite R2018-2-1

CyTrack Suite R2018-2-1 is now available and includes some major updates and exciting new features along with a number of performance improvements and bug fixes (see the attached files for full details).

NEW - Activity Tracker

We are pleased to announce the launch of the CyTrack Activity Tracker. This essential new add-on for CyCC enables you to easily monitor your teams efficiency and avoid time wasted on non-work related or prohibited activity.

  • Create black-lists of prohibited websites, applications or files.

  • Display and alert on the CyTrack Wallboard in real time what websites, applications or files employees are using.

  • Set thresholds for idle time and be alerted when an employee exceeds this limit. 

  • Monitor employee activity via real-time monitoring and historical reporting tools.

Activity Tracker gives you the facts on what your staff are really doing, enabling you to improve productivity and security.



CyDesk Web

Multi-Column Favourites
Now enables you to organise large numbers of favourite contacts into easy to manage columns.

HTTP Security
Essential HTTPS encryption to ensure all your CyDesk communication is protected.

Auto -Load Favourite
A major time-saver, enabling managers to duplicate favourites across all their agent’s accounts.

Call Pick-Up
Now allows agents to answer another users call straight through CyDesk without the need for a transfer.


CyDesk Manager

CyDesk Manager is an integral part of the manager /admin interface and we’ve given the UI a major overhaul to bring it in line with the modern look of CyDesk Web.



New Interface
CyChat has been completely redesigned, giving it a modern chat interface which will complement any website.

We have made it easier than ever to customise the logo and interface colours to match your business.

Other person is typing
Notification enables a more natural chat conversation.

Fully responsive on any mobile or desktop device. 

Chat Transcript
Customers and agents can now request a transcript of the chat via email.


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