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CyTrack Suite R2018-12-1

18-12.1 Release – available January 7th 2019- Released

Welcome to the latest 12.1 release that has come available for January!

This release is the culmination of months of work that built upon releases in 2018 that contained intensive backend work to address the heightened personal and date security requirements brought about by the European GDPR regulations. For more details on the improved personal information and data security architecture introduced in our solutions please click here.

Below we have included a full list of the new features and important issue resolution fixes for this release, but please note the following items for special mention:

CyReport - New browser based super configurable Dashboard

Previously available only to beta testers, this new web technology dashboard includes a simpler interface and richer set of tools to deliver a more engaging and deeper insight into your business – all in real time. We have added multi-pager slider technology for elegant display of large quantities of information and a richer selection of threshold triggers for generating alerts on your business metrics.

Click here for a movie on Dashboard

 CyDesk Web User Interface improvements and updates

Please click here to review a walkthrough move on CyDesk

This is a detailed movie showing all the latest updates of CyDesk, as a tip look up in the top right hand corner for the ‘jump to’ menu so you can go straight to the items that interest you without watching the whole movie. Some items to focus on:

  • Call Parking [subject to PBX support]
  • Chrome click to dial plug-in
  • ACD Groups support for Panasonic [subject to PBX support]
  • Twinning support for Panasonic [subject to PBX support]
  • Better integration of call recording playback into the DeskWeb client, simply click and play
  • Silent Monitor and simple Transfer to Voicemail for Panasonic PBX users. [subject to PBX support]
  • Simplified deployment of HTTPS support for small sites using self-signed certificates. All sites should be secure, but sometimes it seems harder than it should be. Not anymore, with our HTTPSAuthorizer tool included!
  • New AutoTask CRM integration

CyChat User Interface improvements and updates

CyChat new User interface and features:

  • Provide your customers with superlative service by enabling web chat instant messaging and link your web site to your sales and support teams!
  • Web Chat Customer Service integrates with CyDesk and CyCX
  • Transfer Transcript functions
  • Skills routing
  • Web user-interface with fully customisable front end allowing customers to add their own logo and change colours
  • New, modern design
  • PC and mobile device responsive web browser interface
  • ‘Other person is typing’ notification enables a more natural chat conversation
  • Have conversation transcript emailed after the chat ends
  • Coming soon – Add scripts and pre-defined template replies and comments

 Full list of changes, enhancements, bug fixes and features included in 2018-12-1 release:

Complex changes on utilising customers Windows users, passwords, roles and domains to add increased user security, additional functionality in the installation processes and configuration screens and also database security etc
Add Windows Firewall settings on install
Better support for installing software on a machine with a user other than the user carrying out the installation - using Windows Server 2016
New CyChat Web UI and additional features such as email transcript and transfer chat to agent features
In CyChat, fixed issue options window hides top of agents list
Updated US language for CyDesk client
CyDesk stop truncating passwords
Improved Security Manager for security issues
Tool to deploy self-signed certificates (for web clients) - added to Launcher (a better way to install certificates rather than having to do each PC & browser individually)
Web Dashboard in full release
Web Dashboard includes transition ‘sliders’ between multiple dashboard designs
Web Dashboard has new widget for external web site feeds
Support for TLS 1.2 in web clients and CyReport email scheduler
Web Dashboard shows license count in UI
Many more complex statistics added into Web Dashboard for CyReport Plus specifically for reporting on the Panasonic UCD real time information
Improved Performance & Memory usage for large busy sites
Improve performance of threads for writing real time stats and agent events to database
Fixed bug CyDesk stop truncating passwords - increased the agent password length to 100 in the database
Fixed Agent Activity Report issue
Panasonic Absent message when agent on break
Queue announcement manager to automatically convert the files when copying
CyRecord O Series Licensing now uses port 80 for outbound connection
Ensure CyRecord O Series set by default to record as silence to preserve un-encrypted calls are not recorded
CyRecord O Series improvements to installation process to handle various operating systems
Fixed Mouse loses focus when editing an item from the CyDesk Manager tree on Windows 10
Incorporate IP Filtering config into O Series Config
Send Ping from DeskServer to RecordingServer process to identify dropped connection more quickly
Fixed Parked call display unreliable when using CRM Integration
Show Ringing state against agent/extension in CyDesk Manager
Add Call Park status update upon retrieve
Improvements in the CyReport email scheduler and web services
CyCall - Limit amount of pending dials to reduce memory/CPU consumption
CyCall - Store Predictive State if HMP reports connection before CTI does
Remove 'No Agents Logged In' overflow type from AA type queues
HMP Structure changes to work with version 382 of HMP and allow larger licensing levels
Fixed issue with click to dial when telephone number has a + and a space
In CyReport add feature search for calls with or without a recording
Panasonic CSTA issue when call is transferred from a system AA to a Ring Group containing numerous extensions
AutoTask CRM integration improvement to automatically detect Resource ID for user if login permissions allow
Integration to AutoTask CRM
Further enhancement to performance of CyDesk Manager when making changes in configuration
Fix issue where Hide Caller ID not hiding Caller ID in CyDesk web client
History of Campaign Calls not being stored in agents My Call History
Ensure that 'Refuse Storage Permission' for a queue causes recording to be stopped when that queue is reached
Add GoldMine integration to supported CRMs for Desk Web
Improvements to performance of CyDesk Manager when making configuration changes
Panasonic CSTA Transfer direct to voicemail using VMxxx,yyy
Improvement to Panasonic CSTA so Unhold would automatically end the consultation call in dialtone state
Allow range of external IP addresses in O Series Config
Issue where Completion Codes are applied from the source queue rather than the actual queue when 'Cascade Display Queue' is enabled
Improvement to internal process management within CyDesk Server to prevent issue where system stops accepting new incoming client connections
Panasonic CSTA call warm-transferred by a system AA to a group and then recalled back to the group was being reported incorrectly
Fix issue in Skype for Business UCMA integration where ringtone would continue on an outbound call if the call was answered immediately
Improvements to DTMF transmission in Skype for Business UCMA
Saving Pabx in CyDesk Manager would sometimes cause all extensions belonging to that PABX to be reported as offline in CyDesk
Link to recordings in Recent Call History not being shown
Use Wildcard when matching Caller ID in Queue Assignments
Convert greetings from other audio format to correct format on-the-fly in Queue Announcements page in CyDesk Manager
Option in Panasonic CSTA to set Absent Message based on break types
Option in Panasonic CSTA to use Ready/Not Ready when agent goes on break
Mitel OAI implementation improvement to handle PBX restarts
Incorporate CyRecord Hyperlink into SalesForce History Record
Option to auto-pause all O Series recordings at start when integration is not active
Option to not send real time ‘Agent Event View’ to Desk Manager
Set Exchange connections to use TLS 1.2
Master/Slave on Panasonic CSTA – show Master as caller when Slave is making calls
Set installer to set Redis as a delayed start, as well as our own installed services
Add filter option to filter call reports on the presence/absence of linked recordings
Need to ensure that teams tables exist for certain reports
When customer chooses not to record chat, still record that a chat has taken place, just not the transcript
Fixed issue where the options window would incorrectly cover the top of the agents list
Add execution of stored procedures to permission set on database access user
Improved behaviour of automatic licencing system in the presence of network issues
Changed web dashboard to no longer be in beta status
Simplified the procedure to distribute self-signed certificates to agents’ machines in Desk Web
Improved support for situations where Web Platform installer 5.1 is already installed on the target machine
Added UDP port 5060 to fire wall rules set
Fixed installer to correctly set Report Web port to 443 (https)
Handle local use of SQL Native Client to connect to a database on site correctly
Add advanced additional columns to ACD dashboard statistics
Add current group of agents call to ACD dashboard
Add indexes to speed up queries involving the agent activity reports
Allow reporting on email activity without completion codes given
Add additional columns to ACD dashboard statistics
Modify agent status shown on ACD dashboard statistics to have more details - including busy outgoing, busy incoming, dial tone
Allow location of diagnostic log to be configured
Ensure that customer correctly sets up the report subscription folder and improve feedback when this is not so
Ensure that impersonation user is correctly dropped when no longer required
Filter out excessive records produced by activity tracker unless needed by the report
Add TLS 1.4 Support
Fix the date range shown in the report headers to show total range selected
Ensure that spawned process when downloading recordings runs as impersonated user
Ensure database permissions on chat database are correctly set on installation
Fixed issue with running chat configuration program after chat was installed
Allow resizing of agent chat window
Fixed issue where if option to record chat was present, the agent off chat message was not being handled
Fixed issue where the closing of a chat window was not being detected as a log out of chat event
Resolved issue with changing administrator password
Improved Client-Side password handling
Allow passwords of length > 20
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